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Scriptly is changing the way people from around the world communicate on Discord. It provides immersive features such as voice to text transcription, text to speech vocality, and, in the upcoming premium version, translation via voice between 2 languages. Scriptly is rapidly expanding to meet demand.

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The upcoming premium version of the bot has many features that help improve the experience for our users.

• Translation via voice between 2 people.
• Higher quality transcription (more accurate)
• More fluent TTS (text to speech)
• Faster transcription
• Priority support in our support server
• Priority access to new features
• And more!

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Why have a premium version?

In order to pay for the higher quality services we use for better text-to-speech and transcription, we have to include a premium of the bot. We do not lower the quality in transcription for the free version of the bot, we just use a different service which is cheaper. This makes it so we can provide a bare bones experience to our users who can not afford the premium version while not breaking the bank.

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Our deaf users

We appreciate all of our users who have chosen Scriptly as a way to help deaf people communicate with others. We love getting feedback on how our service has impacted communication for you on Discord. Tell us your story in our support server below!

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